Web Security scans

Every web site is the public face to a business or organisation. The last thing that someone wants is for their site to be defaced. The negative power and publicity of hacking, fraud, financial losses and the erosion of customer confidence could be described as incalculable.

If your website uses popular software such as the Wordpress content management system it becomes very attractive for hackers as the attacks involved are often very simple.

Hackers run automated scripts (bots) which explore your system and server to see if you're running vulnerable software.

  • Servers are continuously probed for open back doors which could be exploited
  • In just one day - a site was scanned 65 times to see if it was running Wordpress (fortunately it wasn't as we don't use Wordpress).
  • The Mageneto e-commerce platform was also probed
  • Other software covering billing, language translation and databases have also been probed

If vulnerabilities are found by the initial scans, hackers will return with further waves of hostile intent.

Here are some of the results when websites are hacked:

  1. Random links to pharmacy sites start appearing on your website
  2. Your site is completely taken offline and replaced with some "script-kidies certificate" that he's hacked you
  3. Loss of potentially sensitive and confidential data

HWS is able to offer website scanning, probes and simulated attacks to detect where these problems may lie before they arise. By thinking as a hacker does, we can begin to diagnose if there are gaps in your website or system.

Contact us for a free assessment of whether your site would benefit from our security scans.