Web Software / Web Based Applications

Web software or web based applications is a term to describe a website that only serves a specific purpose for your company. It is still a website and may (or may not) be publically visible but its purpose is usually geared around function and data rather than public information.

Each site will depend entirely on your business needs but examples of such software could include:

  1. Contacts database - and the ability to email, produce documents etc for a specific situation
  2. Software to assist remote staff - for example assisting with sales staff who might be mobile and to resource them whilst on site
  3. Internal automation - for example if you have manual paper processes an electronic database based system could not only help but speed things up

Very importantly the data behind your systems is held in a secure data centre and is regularly backed up. This provides you with business continuity where if the office is burgled or burns down your data is not lost and is still accessible. Further more data security is a key ingredient of the Data Protection Act. If you store personal information this tool is a must read!

If you have an idea for custom software for your business or would like a free data appraisal then please contact us.