Web Hosting

Everybody needs a home and a website is no exception. Web hosting is simply buying (renting) the space for your website to sit and run from.

HWS want you to know that the data behind your systems is held in a secure data centre and is regularly backed up. This provides you with the peace of mind of business continuity, should your physical assets be destroyed by “fire of flood”.

Our hosting is only £20 per annum for a basic website (£60 for ecommerce) or for a more substantial website we would recommend your own linode (room in the house) for £30 per month. Please note that our hosting does not include emails and we would recommend using a separate IT company or a web based provider such as Gmail.

What is cloud hosting?

Everybody talks about “the cloud” but very few people understand it! Imagine a 4 bed house with only 1 person living in it. It has 2 floors and more than enough space for 4 people. The one person living in it decides to convert his house into 4 bed sits. Each bed sit has its own water, electricity, gas, entrance door and unique door key. Each self contained bed sit is its own unique entity, but together they all form part of the one house.

In our example the house represents a server (a computer that is running 24/7). Each individual bed sit represents the web space that HWS purchases on your behalf to store your website assets.

HWS use Linode, who are a cloud based hosting provider. They are extremely reliable. All HWS websites are hosted here in the UK.

All sites use IP6!

Remember when all the telephone numbers changed format? Its happened a few times and the web is no different. The current (old) system of web telephone numbers (IP4) is being replaced and all our hosting is IP6 (new) enabled.