E Commerce websites

The web is now our most important market place and anyone selling items or services need to do it online. Ecommerce websites allow your customers to choose and buy their products online and rather than just having web visitors - the aim is to convert them to customers.

HWS are happy to assist with this and can provide ecommerce websites which integrate with your chosen payment provider (such as Paypal or Worldpay).

If you have a well established website then ecommerce and selling from it is a great way to increase sales potential. However if you are starting out, then your target market may well already be saturated and seeing a return on an ecommerce project may be difficult. In these instances (and in addition to ecommerce) we would suggest automated integration with the major online market places such as Amazon and Ebay. Most people use these market places (along with a few smaller ones) as their only destination for purchasing. In recent years they have opened up to allow businesses to sell through their sites and this presents an exciting opportunity.

If you would like to discuss how Ecommerce could work for your business please get in touch.